Prince William’s uncut penis is quite right

Posted 8 years ago at 1:34 am. 26 comments

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Prince William’s uncut penis made a public appearance online yesterday. A paparazzi, attempting to photograph a section of fence, accidentally took pictures of Prince William peeing. Personally, I’m offended by this photo. It’s not clear enough, and that really offends me.

The photos of Prince William and his urinating penis were taken somewhere in South Africa. Based on our analysis of the photos, we have no reason to believe he was in a desert area of Africa. So, we think he’s in the parts of Africa with trees. Which basically means he has to be on the set of Survivor: Gabon, because, everyone knows there aren’t any trees in Africa. Anyway, he was there doing something¬†undoubtedly¬†altruistic, like peeing on a fence. Other reports indicate that he was playing Polo and took a break to pee on the fence. Either way, that’s him, Prince William, pissing on an African fence.

Take note of the way Prince William is scissor pinching his penis. Like he’s stressed out, and he’s about to smoke it. Or, he’s crazy and is pretending to cut it off. Now that I think of it, he could also be pretending he’s got a vagina and is masturbating while he pees on an African barbed wire fence on the set of Survivor: Gabon.

Here is the original video that started it all. There is this really annoying sound in the video and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Video: Prince William holding his uncut penis while peeing on a fence

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26 Replies

  1. You call that reporting? You didn’t even tell us what the video says. Fuck you. :P

  2. anonymous Nov 22nd 2008

    fag, really? it sucks that you think thats funny

  3. LOL!!!!! This blog is retarded!

  4. Haha yah, i DID hear that really annoying sound. What was prince william thinking peeing on a fence like that… im glad he did though

  5. “Nothing like a fag and champagne.” – priceless

  6. Perhaps she should consider another brand of smokes.

  7. chris: What? You don’t speak Mexican asshole? It translates to:

    The following is a video that is suitable only for 18 or older. Prince William, of England, was in South Africa doing altruistic work when suddenly, among the bushes… Wow! What a catch! The only thing we were saying, “Oh Prince!” And our recommendation is to continue to work with altruistic.

  8. anonymous: You sound like you need one.

  9. this is hot

  10. Chelsea Nov 23rd 2008

    I’ve already seen this, but hilarious! How on earth did I just find this blog now?? lol lol

  11. Jaimee Nov 23rd 2008

    Can’t you all see he did it on purpose! He’s an attention whore just like Paris Hilton.

  12. cockrock Nov 23rd 2008

    faaaaakkke sigh

  13. Yeah, fake as hell.

  14. lol loved the video VERY FUNNY

  15. MEGASLAM Nov 23rd 2008

    your BALLS are fake!!! asshole

  16. Your mom’s tits are fake. Explains all that mush where your brain is supposed to be.

  17. Anonymous Nov 23rd 2008

    you all are dumb as hell who cares if its fake, i got a good laugh out of it even if it was fake its still funny. i hate you

  18. many funny videos. But are you gay, cause you have so many male videos.

  19. Anonymous Nov 23rd 2008

    lol what a stupid question

  20. I did not realize we had so many Mongoloids trying to read NSG.

    Thank you for your depressingly stupid comments. Or, if that didn’t make any sense to you, try this: mwwaaaah, wwaaaah, waaaaaah mwoooooooo nyo nye nyi waaaaaaaah.

  21. johan+rest-simon= idiots

  22. james Feb 4th 2009

    I think it’s a fake picture, because if it were real, I know I wouldn’t be dumb enough to pee on an ELECTRIC fence. If anything, he should have had an electrifying experience when doing so. Thus, I think the picture is fake.

  23. Simon Feb 4th 2009

    Ah, well, I added the electric fence bit. So, yes, that’s really his cock. Yes, that depressed look on his face is real. And yes, he’s really holding his penis like a pussy.

  24. camilla Apr 29th 2011

    my dirty little tampon…i mean my dirty little step-son…
    you look aight in polyster
    too bad you’re cut like your father…would like some skinny on my menses, aight

  25. [email protected] Dec 24th 2011


  26. lol

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