Chaz shoots for rent money

Posted 8 years, 3 months ago at 9:34 pm. 8 comments

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ChaosMen’s Chaz is cute and hung, but what you’ll like most about him is that he’s a shooter. In his video, his cumshot travels a good 4-5 feet. After cumming, Bryan Ockert asks Chaz if he usually shoots so far. He with “Umm… sometimes, but it’s usually in my girlfriends mouth.” LOL, nice Chaz, thanks for telling the Internet that your girlfriend has fake titties and swallows like a hatchling.

If you really like Chaz, you’re in luck. His model application to ChaosMen started with an e-mail that included a picture and this line:

“I need to do a video now! Rent is due!”

Not exactly the circumstances one would hope a pornstar would be born under, but, whatever. Check back again next month, when the rent’s due again. In the meantime, loop that cumshot.

One last thing, checkout Chaz’s pubes. He trimmed them into a v-shape. Makes his cock look like it has eye brows, or horns. LOL, who the fuck does that!?

Oh, and, question:

Don't you just love those nails?

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ChaosMen wrote:

Chaz was a last minute guy.

He emailed a picture, and said, “I need to do a video now! Rent is due!”

I asked him if he had his pubes, to which he said, “yes.” and he came in the next day.

Then his clothes came off and I said, “I thought you said you had pubes?” He pinched the goofy V line of whiskers he has trimmed into it and said, “I got pubes.”

But his dick got pretty big and not everyone minds a shaved up bush, and well, he is pretty dang cute with great blue eyes.

Chaz is a guy who loves jackin’ his dick for the camera, and his cumshot went about 4-5 feet, clean of the bed!

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8 Replies

  1. Korean Girl Sep 3rd 2008

    So crazy picture!

  2. Lipgloss Mimi Sep 7th 2008

    Nails are a killer turnoff. He’s hot.

  3. Someone Sep 9th 2008

    Cool i love that

  4. i like them all

  5. oh shit it’s freddy krueger!

  6. O-M-G! How the hell does he wipe??

  7. he doesn’t

  8. Fierce Fred Oct 19th 2008

    Maybe it should start calling itself “Homeless in Austin.”

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