Marcus Lehman’s penis falls out on Survivor Gabon

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Watching Survivor: Gabon last night, and out pops Marcus Lehman’s penis. It was flapping in and out of the pants he wasn’t wearing while he raced to roll one of two large testicles to show host, Jeff Probst. Marcus’ flailing penis distracted me from watching the game itself and the only other thing I remember is Gillian spending more time running away from her ball instead of pushing it.

Anyway, back to Marcus. His full name is Marcus Alvarez Lehman. He is 29-years-old, a doctor, was chosen as Cosmopolitan Mag’s Georgia’s top bachelor in 2006, is intelligent, articulate and is a huge fan of Survivor. While responding to a question about gameplay on Survivor, he said, “… I have a lot of things to ‘hide’ in a game like this”. Apparently his cock isn’t one of them.

Update: Humorously, CBS says that Marcus’s penis slip was “virtually undetectable“. That’s not very nice CBS. Especially considering that, as the now famous video below clearly shows, it’s quite delectable, I mean detectible. Since CBS chose to retro-blur his wiener in their online video, I’m afraid this video is one of the few remaining recordings of Survivor’s best moment, ever. 

See Marcus Lehman’s uncensored penis slip video

Here is the video clip of Survivor: Gabon’s famous penis slip. Thanks Marcus!

Marcus Lehman’s Exposed Penis & Bulge Video

Other nude photos of Marcus and other male tribe members strolling around in their underwear, taking them off and swimming naked in one of Gabon’s mosquito infested ponds:

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Open CBS: Survivor Marcus Lehman in a new window

CBS Survivor: Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden wrote:


Marcus Alvarez Lehman (28-years-old)
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Doctor

Marcus Lehman, a young doctor from Jacksonville, Fla. considers himself mentally and physically prepared to compete for his chance to be the sole SURVIVOR.

Recognized as the state of Georgia’s hottest bachelor by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2006, Lehman strives to achieve the highest levels in all areas of life.

A rower and graduate of Harvard University, Marcus went on to finish medical school at Emory University while developing his interest in triathlons. The single resident physician of Cuban-American descent will eventually work as an anesthesiologist after he completes specialty training, but also continues to develop his interest in medical reporting and acts as a spokesman for preventative medicine.

Marcus describes himself as a romantic who enjoys exercising, playing music, cooking and fine wine, not to mention doing some flirting on his way to finding the perfect girl. Marcus hopes he will be able to use his charm and physical prowess to make it far in the game.

Lehman’s birthday is October 3, 1979.

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46 Replies

  1. Eh, I didn’t see that when I watched. Is this real??

  2. Watching Marcus’ cock flapping in the wind, I will certainly be viewing Survivor Gabon much more closely. Since he’s a doctor, I wonder if he will be performing any physical exams on other tribe members. What do you think?

  3. It’s fake. We had ILM render and composite the cock over his lingerie. It took 3 days to render, but luckily we possess the secret of time travel. Gillian is real though.

  4. Physical exams and more. From my understanding, he has already shaved off most of Michelle’s genital warts.

  5. Survivor: Gabon – Meet Marcus

    Go Marcus! Woohoo!

  6. Run bitch Marcus, run! LOL!

    Marcus + Charlie = Marlie

  7. I quite prefer Charcus, actually <3333.

  8. I think Flopcus is much more appropriate.

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  10. Raj, you’ve got me thinking. A party for NSG in India sounds tempting. Can you arrange for chicken tikka masala and Marcus on a beach?

  11. Sep 27th 2008


  12. That’s great Starr. Just promise me that you’ll visit me in prison when CBS finds it.

  13. LMAO! Why am I never watching tv when shit like this happens?

  14. he’s so hot. i can’t stop watching that penis video hahaha

  15. Oh it’s real! I just checked on and it’s not even blurred, HILARIOUS

  16. the same footage is on the CBS site – it’s real alright


  17. haha! that marcus penis video totally cracked me up. it would have been far more hilarious if charlie was running along side him staring at it.

  18. nicole Sep 28th 2008

    i don’t know how guys can run around with their penis flopping like that.

  19. Euro Gay Sep 28th 2008

    That’s so hot. And the music is just awesome!

  20. help! i can’t find it on itunes. anyone know the name of the song?

  21. Anonymous Sep 28th 2008

    now that, my friend, is certainly the most fun you can ever have with your clothes on.

  22. I’d suck him.

  23. Steve-O Sep 29th 2008

    I’m real happy that CBS hired Helen Keller to edit Survivor.

  24. Timber Sep 30th 2008

    How is it even possible that he didn’t feel that? When I fall out of my shorts, I ALWAYS feel it….especially if it’s in the breeze….weird…but hot!

  25. kyleco Sep 30th 2008

    @Timber: He was in the middle of a race. I don’t think he had time or reason to stop and secure his penis. I’m not sure he even minded. I know I didn’t. :)

  26. Melanie Sep 30th 2008

    WOW!! I don’t usually watch Survivor, but I will now. Please post more about Marcus, he is so handsome!

  27. oh gawd, it’s brokeback mountain part 2.

  28. Anonymous Oct 1st 2008

    more like Brokeback Gabon

  29. LittleBlade Oct 2nd 2008

    “The full package”… clearly, too full for his undies! >grin<

  30. Angel Gonzalez Oct 2nd 2008

    hot. hello its me angel

  31. Femmeguy Oct 2nd 2008

    That’s fabulous! Good for him for wearing those shorts and even better if he was aware of it.

  32. madkweer Oct 5th 2008

    Well…CBS is a Sneaky bitch of a network. They know it’s only a matter of time before network tv hits the skids due to so much competition from all over the planet, not to mention that China and Russia have featured full frontal nudity on TV and the U.S. is the only socalled modern nation that is still stuck back in the 1600’s when it comes to TV nudity. I predict by 2010 you will see a COMPLETELY naked man on tv…in 2011 you might see some breasts. Feminists are still on the fence about exposing their sisters for free…stay tuned.

  33. floridude Oct 5th 2008

    I agree madkweer. Can’t wait.

  34. watch the 5th episode and look at how marcus “kissed” charlie on his shoulders when they won the reward challenge, and how he held his head and hugged him after they won the immunity challenge. i’m rooting for them!!!

  35. OMG jabo. I’ve been so busy watching Marcus’s crotch that I missed that. Good catch!

    For those who missed it, here’s the YouTube video clip that has Marcus’s girlfriend foaming at the mouth. It shows Marcus kissing Charlie and then hugging in a way that makes Marcus’s girlfriend’s head rotate.

    Survivor Gabon – Marcus loves Charlie?

  36. Anonymous Nov 1st 2008

    We should all be glad it popped out from an attractive guy. Next up… Survivor: Gabon in HD 3-D IMAX!

  37. Anonymous Nov 1st 2008

    Talk about role reversal. A straight guy is taking advantage of a gay guy, but in a whole different sense.

  38. Klone Ranger Nov 7th 2008

    And how convenient, after embarrassing CBS, he very conveniently gets voted off …… imagine. Hey Marcus, you can come work in my hospital!

  39. Simon Nov 7th 2008

    The show ended for me last night. If Marcus ends up at your hospital, let me know so I can break my legs.

  40. chris Jan 2nd 2009

    is that his penis? i thought maybe he slipped a finger out of his fly! sorry for him!

  41. May 22nd 2009

    bishes gay freaks go to hell and burnnnnnnnnnnn
    for ever and ever

  42. sucks_ur_cock May 22nd 2009

    i jus cummed my warm thick load all over my laptop and my desk, it tastes nice and salty……………if u read this then u will have my cock inside u soon

  43. anyone have video of colby donaldson jerking off?

  44. I saw it the night the episode aired…I record Survivor and rewound immediately…it is real

  45. reymark Jul 24th 2014

    it so jelos

  46. Willem Jun 10th 2016

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