Robert And Tory Have Hot Tub Butt Sex

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Cocky Boys: Straight To The Tub
Cocky Boys: Straight To The Tub
Cocky Boys: Straight To The Tub

Have you even been fucked by a man with a really long dick? It’s a little surreal – like the guy is a part of you. But in an incredibly hot way. You can feel his cock doing something inside of you that feels unatural but at the same time feels like nirvana. Now, throw in a super horny straight guy with a long dick who is full of cum, and you’ll tap into one of the best parts of having anal sex. You know he’s going to shove it up your ass, you know he’s going to cum all over you, you know you’ll both be in a different place when it’s over, and you can’t wait to go there.

This week on Cocky Boys, Robert Long takes Tory Mason to just that place. A while back, Robert was at a party at Kyle father’s home in Calabasas, California. When he came out of the pool everyone immediately noticed his 10 inch dick through his soaked board shorts. Yes, it was that big.

After doing an initial jack off scene for Cocky Boys, Robert Long now meets up with Tory Mason for sex in the hot tub. After getting some awesome head from Tory, Robert was ready to fuck him in the jacuzzi. Tory was very eager to bottom and looked like he couldn’t wait until the full shaft of Robert’s cock was up his butt. Tory moved in for the kill, hopped up on Robert’s huge cock and forced it deep inside himself. After a nice round of bouncing on the 10 incher, Robert and Tory switched to the doggy position and the next thing I knew water was splashing all over the place as Robert tore into Tory’s tight ass.

When the steam of the hot tub became too much, Robert pushed Tory onto the hillside below the hot tub and fucked him so hard I swear I thought they were going to roll down the hill. The tough part about this scene is deciding who you would rather be, the hot naked straight guy fucking a hot twink ass or the bottom getting pounded with a super long 10 inch dick. My call would be to be the guy taking it up the ass. I always cum harder that way.

Cocky Boys: Straight To The Tub

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  1. Anonymous Oct 1st 2008

    will y’all take off your and shake ass

  2. will you take your clothes off and shake your ass

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