Derek fucks Jared’s cherry tight hole

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Corbin Fisher: Derek Fucks Jared
Corbin Fisher: Derek Fucks Jared
Corbin Fisher: Derek Fucks Jared

After being away for about two months, Corbin Fisher stud Derek returns to fuck lean guy Jared in the ass. Jared was visibly nervous at the outset of this video, but that’s all the more reason why Derek was the perfect guy to fuck him for the very first time. Based on his past videos, Derek can perform and have sex like no other, but what surprised me in the Derek Fucks Jared video was just how great Derek can be at seducing as well.

The foreplay was simply mind-blowing between these two. Derek goes out of his way to put Jared at ease and get him warmed up. The guys kiss deeply and passionately, and Derek also takes his sweet time licking Jared’s virgin hole and getting it ready for a hot fuck. At one point during the rimjob, Jared said, “It feels weird” to which Derek replied reassuringly, “It’s okay, it’s natural” as he continued tonguing his hole.

I think every guy would be damn lucky to lose their cherry to Derek. I was practically weak in the knees watching the care he took in getting Jared prepped for anal sex. When Derek ever so gently slide his cock into Jared’s tight hole, I about lost it. Slowly but surely, Derek began speeding it up. And soon, he was pumping away fast and deep nearly sending Jared over the edge of the bed.

I have to say, as well, that few things are as hot as the look on a really hot young guy’s face while they’re getting fucked for the first time. Jared’s face doesn’t disappoint, as every movement from Derek his expression responded in turn. Derek picked up on it all and knew exactly what to do. Not just in response to Jared’s expressions, but also to get out of Jared the expressions he wanted.

If Corbin were ever to assemble a “Corbin Fisher’s Art of Seduction” instructional video, I think this Derek Fucks Jared video would just about cover it!

Corbin Fisher: Derek Fucks Jared

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5 Replies

  1. Anonymous Feb 17th 2009

    Nice ass!!!!!(can u fuck me)

  2. Anonymous Apr 30th 2009

    Lick my anus

  3. Anonymous Apr 30th 2009

    I want to have some sex now

  4. he could fuck me any day

  5. edward Aug 4th 2009

    fuckin i wish i was on bottom!!

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