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Corbin Fisher posted an Amateur College Men video of Zeke the other day, who is new to the site. Good looking guy, though his crew haircut makes him look slightly odd. Chatty interview, somewhat likable and has a visibly large, thick 7½ inch dick that pre-cums readily. Good jerk and cumshot. Put that plane on autopilot and take a look.

Open Corbin Fisher: Zeke in a new window

Corbin Fisher wrote:

Likely the first things you’ll notice about Zeke are his piercing blue eyes. Oh, to be one of the lucky girls to have gotten to stare into those hot eyes during a night of hot, sweaty sex!!

Zeke found his way to Corbin Fisher while digging around the internet looking up ways he could make some money, and when I first spotted his application I just about started drooling. Even though he’s straight, he figured coming out to jerk off in front of the camera could be fun and profitable! This young college stud sent pictures of his ripped body and hot face, and I knew right away he’d make a great addition. The photos he’d sent through with his application were somewhat dark and grainy, obviously being pics that he’d taken with his webcam, but it was still easy to see he was quite a hot guy! What the photos didn’t show were the color in his eyes, so when he first came out for his shoot and I first saw them, I was surprised and impressed!

I was even more pleasantly surprised and impressed with what Zeke was packing between his legs, though! He’d not send a pic of his cock with his application, and so I had no idea what kind of equipment he had until we were actually filming this very video and he stripped down to reveal it! It’s big, thick, has a nice curve to it, and adds to this young stud being the total package – great body, great face, great eyes, and great dick!

Zeke was a bit quiet when he first arrived for his shoot, and even came across as a bit shy and nervous. I’d actually worried he’d be the same way in front of the camera, as that can always make it a bit difficult for a new guy to win viewers over. Thankfully, Zeke has a bit of an exhibitionist streak in him and so when the cameras were fired up and he was in front of them, he really began to relax, open up, and have fun. I’m sure the fact that he got to work over that big dick of his and give himself an awesome orgasm helped!

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2 Replies

  1. sweet tits Dec 31st 2008

    very cute

  2. Nadila Aug 11th 2015

    you did it again, it just amazes me when i find semoone talking about things I have been going thru, and unable to put words into it .im 59, feeling as tho i have been wandering in the wilderness for 42 years got married at 17, and went thru death of my inlaws and two sisterinlaws 7 years later, found myself divorced with in the next 7 years, leaving the security and comfort of home with my children . have been thru hell and back, and when i woke up my body was broke down, its taken me 7 years to be able to walk around the block, and the weight sticks around longer and longer .and what do i have to show for the hell, friends are no where to be found unless i go find them, relatives have either died or pretty well disowned me since my adopted parents are gone ..I drive 8 blocks to work when the weather is bad, or ride my bike when its nice .I live 5 houses from where I left 42 years ago .the roads are familure, the main street is filled with memories of happier days, and of buisinesses I have tried to make a living which never happened, circumstances beyond my control took me under. Its a journey of going around the same mountains picking up the same stones, following the same trails, with nothing new to be exicited about .<<<<<< that picture on the left .was in my dream one night .dont know what it means but it was a happier day when i woke up that morning .

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