Kickboxer Rad gets rimmed & blown by a guy

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Dixter: Rad Gets Rimmed & Blown
Dixter: Rad Gets Rimmed & Blown
Dixter: Rad Gets Rimmed & Blown

Straight guy Rad is back on Dixter and this time he’s agreed to get rimmed and blown by a cock hungry guy named Johnny! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when I first heard that this sexy straight kickboxer agreed to go for it. I mean, he’s a pretty wild guy sexually, but so far it’s only been with the girls.

Rad was visiting from out of town and was only in the city for a day or two, so Dixter had to work fast to do as much work as he could with this horny dude. He had done his solo jerk-off video earlier in the day, and they had some time to kill before the shoot with Johnny. Rad was trying to play it real cool, but Dixter could tell that he was nervous as hell about having sex with another guy.

When Johnny finally arrived to service him, the air was tense and Rad became even more nervous. Dixter tried to get them to kiss to break up the tension, but there was no way in hell Rad was going to go for it. He said that getting rimmed and blown by a guy is one thing, but kissing a man was totally out of the question. I guess this naked straight guy is really straight after all. So instead of having them kiss, Dixter got Johnny to give him a massage to loosen him up. After the massage came time for Johnny to grab Rad’s erect cock… and man was Rad tense when it happened. But after that, Jonny pretty much took charge and gave Rad’s cock a good sucking and his tight virgin ass a deep rim job. This was one of the wettest rim jobs I’ve seen, with saliva dripping everywhere and all over Rad’s ass and cheeks and dripping down his balls. Johnny strikes me as being one dirty fucker and he did a excellent job of breaking Rad’s ass in. I especially liked the scene where Rad cums while getting his ass tongued nice and deep!

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7 Replies

  1. Cum Dick Dripping Pre Jan 26th 2008

    I enjoy reading your posts, keep them coming

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  3. Tom15 Oct 6th 2008

    Damn this is sexy. Email me sometime so maybe we can hook up and blow each other. I would love to suck your dicks and eat your assholes.

  4. 4356212924 Oct 30th 2008

    Omg that is so dam hot.. I would love to rim either one them. Call me guys.

  5. you are all very hot

  6. hey tom can i suck you and you suck me

  7. ;D

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