Fratmen’s Greatest Cum Shots Vol. 8

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Fratmen's Greatest Cum Shots Vol. 8 video download page at Fratmen TV

Just watched Fratmen’s Greatest Cum Shots Vol. 8. It’s a collection of various cumshot clips pumped out by 27 of Fratmen’s naked straight men. The premise of the cumshot compilation is very similar to the prior Fratmen’s Greatest Cum Shots Vol. 7 but with a couple extra mutual masturbation scenes thrown in.

In addition to the cumshots, the video features a peculiar two handed cock jerk by Kane, Felix jokingly naming the cum splatters on his chest, and Liam jumping into a swimming pool with a fresh load on his chest *yuck!*.

Marco from Fratmen TV

Of the gaggle of naked straight guys, my favorite cumshots came from cum shooters Marco, Liam and Micky (Ajay’s twin). If I were held at gunpoint by “Al Gayda” and forced to swallow a bunch of loads, I’d definitely want them as my captors. And if I was being water boarded and had to watch a cumshot video loop over and over again, I’d watch Marco’s. Like Liam, he’s handsome, athletic, uncut, a shooter and doesn’t act at all like Dawson when he cums.

My least favorite of the bunch was Ford. The poor guy dribbled when he came and I couldn’t stop staring at the area around his lips. Why Fratmen TV would choose to end a porn video with cold sores and a goofy smile is beyond me.

Anyway, for those of you who’d willingly get captured and swallow 27 loads instead of just one, catch the free preview below and then hop over to Fratmen TV and watch the entire video for instant gratification.

Free preview of Fratmen’s Greatest Cum Shot Vol. 8 video

For those of you who want to skip over the jerking and head straight to the money shots, I’ve put together a cum dribblers and shooters cheat sheet for the full Fratmen’s Greatest Cum Shot Vol. 8 video below.

Naked Straight Guys skip-forward cheat sheet

Naked Straight Guys Poll # 148

Who's cumshot would you catch with your mouth?

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Do you enjoy watching cumshot compilations? Wanna see a hot guy jerk off onto his chest and then jump in a swimming pool with other frat guys? Then download the 590 MB Fratmen TV Fratmen’s Greatest Cum Shot Vol. 8 video [ FratmenTV_gsv8.mp4 ] from today.

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