Identical Twin Catches Brother Masturbating

Posted 9 years, 2 months ago at 4:36 pm. 1 comment

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In Miami Boyz’s latest video, 19 year-old Facundo returns home and walks in on his identical twin brother Rodrigo naked on the sofa. Rodrigo is casually masturbating to some straight porn on the tv and doesn’t show any shame of being caught. Even though they are both straight guys, they are very close and have jacked off together many times in the past.

Catching his brother masturbating makes Facundo horny so he joins him on the couch for a hot jack off session. After a nice long stroke together, these super hot Argentinean’s bust a nice cum load from their uncut cocks. In the end, both latin twins smile and give a playful thumbs up to the camera.

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  1. Barbarella Jun 2nd 2010

    Everyone knows that twins have no soul. They are of the devil. That’s why they jack off together. Read the Bible and you’ll see!

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