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Survivor Gabon: Marcus & Charlie (Behind the Scenes)

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This is your chance to watch Charlie and Marcus from behind! CBS has been posting some really great behind the scenes videos of Survivor: Gabon. I was hoping to see another penis slip from Marcus, but no such luck. However, there was a bunch of footage of them eating, running with bulges and coordinating their Tribal Council wardrobe. Charlie and Marcus look like they’re both enjoying their time at Ponderosa together. The two of them really are cute, especially in those cult robes. Checkout the Survivor: Gabon behind the scenes Ponderosa video clips!

YouTube Survivor: Gabon – What Its All About

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Marcus Lehman’s penis falls out on Survivor Gabon

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Watching Survivor: Gabon last night, and out pops Marcus Lehman’s penis. It was flapping in and out of the pants he wasn’t wearing while he raced to roll one of two large testicles to show host, Jeff Probst. Marcus’ flailing penis distracted me from watching the game itself and the only other thing I remember is Gillian spending more time running away from her ball instead of pushing it.

Anyway, back to Marcus. His full name is Marcus Alvarez Lehman. He is 29-years-old, a doctor, was chosen as Cosmopolitan Mag’s Georgia’s top bachelor in 2006, is intelligent, articulate and is a huge fan of Survivor. While responding to a question about gameplay on Survivor, he said, “… I have a lot of things to ‘hide’ in a game like this”. Apparently his cock isn’t one of them.

Update: Humorously, CBS says that Marcus’s penis slip was “virtually undetectable“. That’s not very nice CBS. Especially considering that, as the now famous video below clearly shows, it’s quite delectable, I mean detectible. Since CBS chose to retro-blur his wiener in their online video, I’m afraid this video is one of the few remaining recordings of Survivor’s best moment, ever. 

See Marcus Lehman’s uncensored penis slip video

Here is the video clip of Survivor: Gabon’s famous penis slip. Thanks Marcus!

Marcus Lehman’s Exposed Penis & Bulge Video

Other nude photos of Marcus and other male tribe members strolling around in their underwear, taking them off and swimming naked in one of Gabon’s mosquito infested ponds:

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