Greg’s big fucking balls

Posted 8 years ago at 3:32 am. 10 comments

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Sean Cody’s Greg has really big low-hanging balls. So big in fact, that he says they spank the assholes of the girls he fucks. Besides having big balls, Greg also has big cumshots. He delivered two very impressive loads. Or, as I like to call them, hot meals. He was laying on his back during his first cumshot, eating most of it with the rest pooling on his throat. For a straight guy, he ate his junk like it was a dot and he was Ms. Pac-Man. The second cumshot drenched Sean’s pillow, which was weird, but hot. It reminded me of Lindsay Lohan getting hit with flour in Paris. By the way, I really hate her new song Womanizer. It’s so 80’s. Plus, it’s obviously a rip off of Crazy by Patsy Cline, which is nasty bagsĀ fierce.

Anyway, my favorite part of this solo video was watching Greg jack off and push on his asshole. It looked like he was holding it shut. It probably can’t close when he lays down. Maybe he bottoms for his girlfriend.

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Sean Cody wrote:

Greg is 21, straight, cute, and blessed with a beautiful set of nuts.

“I take pride in them,” he told me. “They’re something different.”

Apparently the girls like them too.

“At first they’re usually shocked,” he said. “But they like playing with them.”

His favorite thing is having them slap on a girl’s asshole while he fucks her.

“There’s a lot of surface area on them,” he explained. “So it feels good!”

Maybe we’ll get to see those nuts in action!

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10 Replies

  1. oh they so horny i like it

  2. Andrew Nov 23rd 2008

    Womanizer is by britney…. not lindsay. although i thought it was hillarious to read……

  3. Britney? Never heard of him.

  4. I love your nuts

  5. No, you’re nuts.

  6. hi I want to fuck you

  7. O Man……. LUV your big boy nuts m8!! They’re awesome n it’s SO hot to hear u say you’re proud of them! Its even hotter that the girls u screw find them hot!! My younger brother recently had an acccident in school (he’s a swimmer on the team) the elastic in the waist of his speedos gave n they got pulled down b the weight of water as he climbed outta the pool n all his school mates n spectators -girls n guys – saw what he’s got! I was very impressed too. He’s got a great set of nuts n now he’s the centre of attention – embarrassed as fuk about it – but I told him he should be proud of tthem n am encouraging him to make the most of the attention he’s getting!

  8. Ilike nakd video

  9. I love sucking on big balls and would love to suck yours

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