Sean Cody Auditions #20

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago at 10:06 pm. 2 comments

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    Sean Cody wrote:

    Guy #1

    Gay. 29 years old.

    Says he’s “kind of” a red head. Nice, hairy, muscular body.

    Guy #2

    Gay. 31 years old.

    Cute and very personable. Says he’s versatile, preferring to start a fuck session on top and end it on the bottom.

    Guy #3

    Gay. 19 years old.

    Told me beforehand that he’s half Chinese and half Italian.

    Never says a word but relishes in sticking a big, gray dildo up his ass.

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    2 Replies

    1. Horny Prince Aug 26th 2008

      mmmmmmm, nice

    2. A lot of HOT men!

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