Trevor loves to ride skateboards

Posted 7 years, 2 months ago at 8:51 pm. 25 comments

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Sean Cody's Trevor loves to ride skateboards and huge penises!

If you haven’t noticed, Sean Cody’s Trevor loves to ride skateboards. He’s 22, bisexual, has a muscular body, a nice big thick cock and a pair of huge low hanging balls, but his smile, face, vocal cords and tattoos are a tad queer. When asked what he likes to do when he’s not straight, he said he likes to spend all of his free time butt fucking other bi skaters he meets in the park. And if that skater happens to have a nice big dick, well, he’ll gladly bend over and let that hung dude ass fuck him from behind.

If you haven’t seen Trevor’s solo video yet, do yourself a favor and fix that problem by clicking on that insane longboard of his. Trevor’s low hangers alone are worth the price of admission!

Oh and, speaking of bi skaters, check out this exclusive photo of skater legend Tony Hawk reaching out to his fans.

Funny picture of skater legend Tony Hawk fooling around.

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Sean Cody wrote:

Trevor is mostly into guys, but sometimes he’s in the mood for girls.

“Not very often though,” he said. “But sometimes it’s fun to him ‘em from behind!”

He’s 22 and he loves to skateboard. He spends pretty much all of his free time in the park doing just that.

“It’s such a good way to meet people,” he said. “You wouldn’t believe it!”

“Guys or girls?”

“Both,” he said, laughing.

“The guys who skateboard have awesome bodies,” he explained. “It’s fun to meet them, do a little skating, and then take them home and fuck them!”

He says he’s versatile, and the position he prefers depends on the guy he’s with.

“There’s no pattern,” he said. “But if the guy has a nice cock I’ll probably be getting fucked!”

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25 Replies

  1. We thought you were dead.

    Welcome back….bring on the snark!

  2. I almost didn’t believe my eyes! After almost 5 months a new post, YES! Please don’t make us wait another 5 months.

  3. welcum back, dude

  4. spencer Sep 25th 2009

    v v sexy

  5. cock lover Oct 8th 2009

    i would love to meet a guy with two dicks or twins can fuck me hard…

  6. Anonymous Oct 9th 2009

    men with no natural chest hair are not men – I personally think it makes them effeminate and if I wanted a woman I’d get one.

  7. I just love hairy men with minimal tattoos.

  8. patrick Nov 7th 2009

    Hi, im a pinoy photographer and i have pinoy models mostly straight willing to have photos taken as gay for money. where i can sell them? thanks

  9. patrick Nov 7th 2009
  10. maccallister Nov 11th 2009

    hahahaha very funny photo!

  11. Anonymous Dec 1st 2009

    lol wtf retarded faggot

  12. Danielle l Dec 27th 2009

    That sexy

  13. Anonymous Jan 19th 2010

    i love big young straight dick can not get enough of you in my mouth

  14. Anonymous Jan 19th 2010

    a cute guy a cute dick.

  15. Anonymous Feb 14th 2010

    how hooooooot

  16. yahweh Feb 24th 2010

    i want a naked

  17. CARLYN Feb 27th 2010

    if u were not gay i wud do u

  18. I would like to see a larger dick

  19. Anthony Mar 15th 2010

    lets have sex

  20. that’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. christy Mar 31st 2010

    you are so hot and i’m a lesbian

  22. brandon Mar 31st 2010

    i wish i could have sex with you boys

  23. suranga Apr 6th 2010

    good and sexy boy. i like

  24. Katrinaa Apr 17th 2010

    i think these guys are soooooooo hot!!

  25. what the hell is wrong with his eyes?!

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