Ryan Kwanten is bloody hot

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HBO’s True Blood is a great series for many reasons. One great reason is the character Jason Stackhouse who is played by Aussie actor Ryan Kwanten. The guy is hot, has a fantastic body and can act:

YouTube True Blood Dance – Jason Stackhouse Dancing In His Underwear to Jonny McGovern’s song Soccer Practice

His multiple fuck and other various sex scenes are brilliantly intense, as is his character in general. Love the show and if you’re not already watching it, you should be. Catch it on HBO on Sundays at 9 PM. Oh and, Ryan Kwanten along with his fellow True Blood co-stars Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Alexander Skarsgard, Nelsan Ellis and Grahan Shiels can be seen naked online at nude male celebrity mega-sites malestars.com and starmale.com. Enjoy!

Update: Here is a video clip from last night’s episode.

Jason Stackhouse fucks Randi Sue

YouTube HBO’s True Blood Season 1 Trailer

YouTube HBO’s True Blood Season 2 Trailer

YouTube HBO’s True Blood Season 3 Trailer

YouTube HBO’s True Blood Season 4 Trailer

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HBO wrote:

Actor Bio: Ryan Kwanten

Nurturing an impressive body of work that encompasses film and television, Ryan Kwanten has positioned himself as one of Hollywood’s most promising talents as his career continues to evolve with exciting and challenging projects. Ryan’s television credits include the role of Jay Robertson in the critically acclaimed Warner Bros series ‘Summerland‘, which ran for two seasons. He was also a lead in the ESPN original movie ‘The Junction Boys.’

http://www.nakedstraightguys.com/wp-admin/users.phpSequeing effortlessly between the big and small screen, Ryan recently finished working on the Luke Kasden feature film ‘Don’t Fade Away’ opposite Mischa Barton. His other feature film credits include ‘Flicka,’ a Twentieth Century Fox film in which he starred opposite Tim McGraw, Maria Bello and Alison Lohman; the title role in ‘American Brown,’ which received the Audience Award for Best Film at the Montreal Film Festival; ‘Liquid Bridge,’ nominated for Best Picture at the Australian Film Festival; and the newly released ‘Dead Silence‘ directed by James Wan (writer/director of ‘Saw’)

A native of Australia, Ryan began his acting career while attending Sydney University, where he earned a degree in business. He starred in numerous feature films and television shows and gained international notoriety when he joined the cast of the long-running Australian series ‘Home and Away’. A published writer, Ryan is currently working on a new book. Also an accomplished athlete, Ryan qualified for the world Biathlon in Sweden in 2006 and Italy 2007 after winning the LA Biathlon series two years running. He is a qualified yoga instructor and spends his free time bike riding, surfing and completing triathlons. Ryan currently resides in Los Angeles.

Character Bio: Jason Stackhouse

Jason Stackhouse works construction by day, but pursues his true calling at night, methodically working his way through every attractive woman in Bon Temps. Gossip travels fast in a small town – and his sister Sookie hears plenty of it at Merlotte’s – but when it comes to Jason Stackhouse, not many ladies are willing to hold anything against him for long.

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8 Replies

  1. patrick harrison Oct 6th 2008

    ur fucking hot

  2. simon Oct 6th 2008

    I know. So what?

  3. I watched the new True Blood on Sunday night and was impressed with Jason’s ass and scene of him fucking. Have their been any episodes showing his cock? Also, any more interesting info on the actor who portrays Jason Stackhouse? I just may get hooked watching True Blood every week :).

  4. wow! jason’s a hottie… what song is he dancing to?

  5. Hey Ryan. The song Jason Stackhouse is dancing to is called “Soccer Practice” by music artist, stand-up comedian and podcaster Jonny McGovern. He’s also known by his character name “The Gay Pimp“, and is also a cast member of Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show. Here’s the YouTube music video:

  6. hotrod Nov 2nd 2008

    Ryan is totally hot! There is no other reason to watch this show. But he has a fine fine body and shows it off! My TV screen is wet every week! Wow.

  7. venil Aug 7th 2009

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