Dan Kilberry is a hottish Scottish

Posted 8 years, 7 months ago at 3:15 am. 25 comments

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Dan Kilberry is straight, Scottish and ridiculously hot. Every bit of him is disgustingly sexy and cute. Nothing more can be written, this one is too hot for words. Just click and drool!

UK Naked Men wrote:

It’s not very often that we feature straight guys on UK Naked Men. But once we saw this stunning Scottish lad, we just had to have him! His long, lean and muscular body had us drooling even before we saw what he was packing in his tighty whities. His thick uncut cock is proudly on display to all of Glasgow from the hotel room window. He lies on the counter and boldly gives anyone looking up quite a show. This straight bloke doesn’t mind showing off his tight, furry arse either, and while the sun goes down, he rolls his heavy foreskin back and forth to a ball clenching, shuddering, splattery climax.

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25 Replies

  1. whoami Apr 29th 2008

    Wow, he is really good looking. His skin is flawless. Honestly, I’m susprised to see him doing porn, but am 200% happy he is. Defintiely one of my favorites and I hope we get to see more of him.

  2. Hairy Gary Apr 29th 2008

    Scots cocks are the best ;)

  3. Bernie Apr 29th 2008

    I’ve had a few Scots fuck me, and they were great! Hot loads in my ass.

  4. Scottish Apr 29th 2008

    Makes me proud to be Scottish. :D

  5. jerseyboy Apr 29th 2008

    incredible! i’m moving to scotland!

  6. man, what a tasty Scottish sausage.

  7. carson Apr 30th 2008

    love that scottish jawline. very sexy.

  8. Sarah May 1st 2008

    I LOVE the way he moans.

  9. Taylor May 1st 2008

    As we’d say in my part of the world (Tennessee), you’re “hot as shit!”

  10. hot video! great cock!

  11. johnny Jun 7th 2008

    really like you

  12. bob walls Jul 31st 2008

    thats a sexy cock i want to now you and be gay and suck that thang

  13. Jamiee Sep 22nd 2008



  15. Anonymous Nov 30th 2008

    you rock

  16. He is so hot. I’m a straight guy and I love it.

  17. can I please fuck you?

  18. Simon Feb 2nd 2009

    Only if you’ll hold my tail.

  19. you are very handsome and nise to wach you big cock

  20. i am very interest wish you body and cock

  21. Anthony DelValle Sep 30th 2009

    ey papi i want you big dick i will pay you $2000 CASH

  22. Anthony DelValle Sep 30th 2009

    i want sex with you baby

  23. hahahahaha thats tiny

  24. Courtney Jul 18th 2010

    I want your cock in me. Your damn hot.

  25. i like ur cute face… =)

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